• 5 Top Tips for Getting Your Fire Ready for Christmas

Top Tip Number 1 - If you have a stainless steel trip, use some baby oil on a clean cloth to give it a real shine. Lets hope your baby doesn't mind sharing!

Baby oil

Top Tip Number 2 - Is your cast iron front looking a little rusty? Time to get out the WD40 and some fine wire wool.



Top Tip Number 3 - Get your Stove sparkling and let the flames within be displayed in all their glory by giving the glass a good clean using Stovax Glass Cleaner, available to buy in the shop.

Glass cleaner

Top Tip Number 4 - Why not freshen up the coals on your gas fire with a bit of Hotspot Coal Paint available in the shop.


coal gas fire

Our 5th and Final Top Tip - Get your slate hearth looking fabulous with Stovax Slate Dressing, available in the shop.

slate hearth


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