• Getting a DRU Maestro 3 Eco Wave Installed

After 15 years of having the same fire we were ready for a change.  Over the years we have been tempted several times when a lovely new product is launched in the shop but this time we really had come across something special.  We wanted something different and unusual and the DRU Maestro 3 Eco Wave certainly fit the bill.


Old Fire

It was a big project, much bigger than we had anticipated.  We thought we would share our journey with you.

Our first step was the same as most customers; James came to our house and did a site survey.  He checked the size of the room.  We knew we would have to build a false chimney breast that would bring the fire into the room further than before.  After measuring the room we decided it was big enough to take the new chimney breast.   We also found out that it would be a balanced flue rather than a conventional flue as the existing chimney was not big enough.  

The next step was to chose the colour of the hearth and decide whether we would have the raised affect so it looks as though it floats or whether we have it flush with the floor.  We decided to go for the floating effect.  It was a luxury option and it cost more but we felt it was worth it. The hearth is limestone and then underneath there is black slate which gives the illusion of a shadow created by the floating limestone.  

We finished chosing our final finishing options and the fire was ordered and the Fitters were booked in for 3 days work.  

4 weeks later Mark and Stuart the Fitters turned up on our doorstep.  After their first cup of tea they got started.  They took out the old fire and fireplace and arranged for disposal.  They then measured up the whole room to ensure that the fire would be placed exactly in the centre.  

They brought in the huge fire which took 3 people to lift it off of the lorry. They then placed it in the central position that had been marked out.

 Mark fitting

They made the internal hole where the flue would be going and then measured the the fire was then fitted and connected it to the gas.   Then the flue was connected to the top of the fire and taken through the wall to the outside, the hole being the size of a grapefruit.

hearth built

Next the hearth was built around it.

Metal stud work

They built the metal stud work of the false chimney breast and then installed the heat resistant boarding to the metal stud work to create the false chimney breast and any joints and screws had to be filled and sanded before Martin the decorator came in and it was painted.  Plastering was not necessary due to the special boards used.

boards up


We were delighted with the painting and accompanying wallpapering that Martin did.  The end result is a smooth and solid looking chimney breast.  You wouldn’t believe there was no plaster involved as it looks so authentic.  

The whole thing was finished with black slate slips to the side of the fire.  We then had our new carpet fitted and were able to make the final decorative touches ourselves.


We are absolutely over the moon with our new Living Room, the fire has given it a whole new lease of life and makes it feel like a special place to be.  We are enjoying the heat it gives off and the flame picture looks like a real campfire.



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