• Getting a Woodburning Stove Installed

It is not often I get the chance to be the “customer” so when I decided to get a Woodburning Stove fitted in my own house I thought this would be a great opportunity to show people what happens during the fitting process.

You would think knowing all of our products inside and out would make choosing what to have in my own living room easy.  Sadly not and there was a lot of "umming" and "ahhing" before I finally (or should I say my wife) finally settled on the adorable Brunel 1A in Ivory Enamel with Stacked Slate Chamber and the Seacliffe Surround in Limera White Limestone and Grey Flamed Granite Slips and Hearth.

First thing we did was knock out our old Fireplace.  At this point my son decided to check that Father Christmas would still be able to visit.  After careful inspection we got the seal of approval from our five year old. (Disclaimer: I am an irresponsible parent, don't use your child or anyone else's when installing a stove.) Fireplace knocked out with R inspecting

We then had a visit from Brett who did a lovely job plastering the chimney breast. 

Plastered chimney breast

Then Martin came in to put up the wallpaper and paint the walls, we were delighted with what a beautiful job he did. 

Wallpaper and decorating done

Next Craig and Simon our HEATAS installers came and put the flue liner down the chimney.  Our house being older it would not have passed a "Chimney Soundness Test" so this was necessary.  

Chimney pots

Once this was done, they could start installing the Fireplace.  Beginning with the Grey Flamed Granite Hearth, then the Stacked Slate Chamber, followed by the Grey Flamed Slips and the White Limera Seacliffe Surround.

Angle grinder

Then the most exciting part of all; fitting our brand new Brunel 1A multifuel stove!  First the flue pipe was cut to length using an angle grinder (watch out for the sparks - safety goggles on Craig!).  Then the stove was positioned and the flue pipe was fire cemented in place.

Stove and pipe

And there you have it, ready for test firing! A small fire is lit to bake everything solid.  Then I can sit back and enjoy my beautiful new stove. 



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