• How to Clean Your Stove Glass in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Choose your cleaning product.  At the Fire Basket we sell two types of glass cleaner; the Stovax Clear Glass Gel Cleaner and the Stovax Glass Cleaner.  

The Stovax Clear Glass Gel Cleaner is designed to be used on unprinted glass and to remove heavy build ups of soot and tar, due to the abrasive nature of this cleaner it is not to be used on printed glass as it may damage the effect. 

Stovax glass cleaner is designed to be used on more delicate painted surfaces but can also be used for non printed stove glass. 

Step 2 - If possible remove the door from the stove and lay it on an old soft towel.  This keeps the work flat and prevents spills/runs of glass cleaner.  Unfortunately some stove doors are not removable so due care and consideration should be given if cleaning in situ to the bottom of your stove door and Hearth/Floor.

Step 3 - Wear gloves to protect your hands when using glass cleaner.

Step 4 - With the Stovax Glass Cleaner, clean the glass liberally apply glass cleaning agent to the entire surface of the glass.  Then leave it for approximately two minutes to allow the chemicals to break down the soot deposits on the glass.  After leaving the cleaner to work on the glass wipe off with a dry cloth.  


When using Stovax gel glass cleaner, apply areas of gel cleaner evenly across the glass and spread with a dry cloth.  Leave it for approximately 5 minutes to allow the chemicals to break down the soot deposits on the glass.  If you accidentally do get any of the glass cleaner on the stove paintwork, please wipe it off immediately.  Scrub the stains off the glass with a dry cloth until the glass is clean.    It may be necessary to repeat the process if your stove is particularly heavily stained.

Step 5 - Make sure your stove is completely dry and free from any cleaning agent before lighting a fire.

You should always refer to your manufacturer's instructions. 


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