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Whether you choose a coal or log effect fire, you can sit back and watch the beautiful flames through the Marlborough’s large window.  It comes in three different sizes in a classic Matt Black finish. 


Operating and changing the flame height and heat output is easy using a manual control and Piezo ignition. However, why not upgrade to a remote control so you don’t even have to get up!  And for ultimate convenience and luxury you can select the deluxe programmable remote control which allows you to preset the fire’s temperature, when it is to be lit and switched off.




Overall dimensions – Small

410 x 533 x 360mm (w x h x d)*

Overall dimensions – Medium

590 x 583 x 410mm (w x h x d)*

Overall dimensions – Large

730 x 628 x 420mm (w x h x d)*

Fuel bed

Coals or Logs

Heat output - small

1.95 – 3.60kW

Heat output – medium

2.50 – 5.28kW

Heat output – large

3.10 – 7.25kW

Heating efficiency – Conventional Flue


Heating efficiency – Balanced flue


Command controls


Standard upgradable

Programmable upgradable

Suitable for

Chimney/Flue Class 1 & 2

Balanced Flue

Powered Flue

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