Stockton 5 Gas

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It is easy to see why the adorable Stockton 5 is Gazco's most popular model.  With its hinged door and handle, the Stockton 5 is available with an authentic coal or log effect fire complimenting its traditional style.  It is conveniently sized and comes in classic Matt Black finish. 


Stockton 5


Overall dimensions

481 x 544 x 337mm (w x h x d)*

Fuel bed

Coals or Logs

Heat output

1.95 – 3.95kW

Heating efficiency – Conventional flue


Heating efficiency – Balanced flue


Command controls


Standard upgradable

Programmable upgradable

Suitable for

Chimney/Flue Class 1 & 2

Balanced flue

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Stockton 5 Gas
Stockton 5 Gas Stockton 5 Gas Stockton 5 Gas