The Barham

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The Barham was designed by James in 1998 for the customer Mrs Barham of Coalpit Heath.  Mrs Barham had recently had an extension with a vaulted ceiling and wanted a fireplace of equal stature to suit the surroundings.  We found that upscaling an existing model wasn’t quite right so by cherry picking her favourite bits from several models and building them into one we created a unique solution.  The Barham has been adapted from the initial design to keep it contemporary over the years.  


The original design had a double inlay back panel with a curve in it which has been updated to a more contemporary flat back panel. The external chamfering and delicate internal routing have now been extended to the full length of the body instead of creating the more traditional “boot” of the original. 


Originally made in polished Marfil micro-marble it is now made primarily in limestone.  

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The Barham
The Barham The Barham The Barham The Barham