Yeoman CL5

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The CL5 is one of our most popular models. The subtle curves on this minimalist Stove mean it can be adapted to any decor, contempory or more traditional.  Its fuel bed allows for the warmth and look of a log fire with the convenience and ease of gas.  


CL5 Gas


Overall dimensions

CL5: 416 x 551 x 382mm (w x h x d)

Heat Output CL5

Conventional Flue: 3.4kW

Balanced Flue: 3.5kW

Heating Efficiency

Conventional flue 75%

Balanced flue 81%

Fuel Bed

CL5: Logs


 Manual - Upgradeable to Standard or Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control

Suitable for

Chimney and flue Class 1 and 2

Balanced Flue

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Yeoman CL5
Yeoman CL5 Yeoman CL5